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This alignment matrix is designed to assist teachers and educators insure that the lesson plans downloaded from www.tryengineering.org are aligned with the  State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR), which is the official K-12 curriculum for the state of Texas.  This is a major effort contributed by the staff of Harris County Department of Education, http://www.hcde-texas.org/  Any feedback and comments on this can be directed to Lisa Felske at HCDE, lfelske@hcde-texas.org If you wish to contact the Houston Section’s Student Activities Committee and contact our committee members for further inquiry to the STEM TISP program in Houston, click here

A Century of Plastics Flashlights and Batteries Rotational Equilibrium
A Question of Balance Get Connected with Ohm's Law Rubber Band Racers
Adaptive Devise Design Getting Your Bearings Sail Away
Assembly Line Give Binary a Try Series and Parallel Circuits
Biomimicry in Engineering Give Me a Brake Shake it up with Seismographs
Build a Big Wheel Hand Biometrics Technology Ship the Chip
Build Your Own Robot Arm Heart of the Matter Shipping for Survival
Can You Canoe Here Comes the Sun Simple Kitchen Machines
Cast Your Vote How the Rubber Meets the Road Simple Machines
Classroom Paper Recycling Hull Engineering Smooth Operator
Clipper Creations Infrared Investigations Solar Structures
Cracking the Code Insulators and Conductors Sort it Out
Critical Load Interactive Gumball Machine Spring Scale Engineering
Design a Dome Irrigation Ideas Statue Display Tower
Design and Build a Better Candy Bag Keep It Cool Sticky Engineering Challenge
Dispenser Designs Making Sense of Sensors Sugar Chrystal Challenge
EEEEK - A Mouse Measuring the Wind Tall Tower Challenge
Electric Messages Move That Lighthouse Temperature Tactics
Electric Switches Nano Waterproofing Tinkering with Tops
Engineer a Cane Oil Spill Solutions Toxic Popcorn Design Challenge
Engineer a Dam Pipeline Challenge Trebuchet Toss
Engineered Memory Playing with Parachutes Two Button Buzzer Circuit
Engineered Music Pollution Patrol Using Ohm's Law to Build Volt Divider
Engineered Sports Popsicle Bridge Water Fountain
Engineering Air Traffic Program Your Own Game Waterproof that Roof
Engineering Ups and Down Pulleys and Force What is a Nanometer?
Exploring at the Nanoscale Rescue Rover Wind Tunnel Testing
Filtration Investigation Robot Basketball Working with Watermills
Find it with GPS Rubber Band Racers Working with Wind Energy
Be a Scanning Probe Microscope Blast Off Chair Lift Challenge
Fizzy Nano Challenge Folding Matters Get It Write
Pendulum Time Seeds of Innovation Stop and Go
Tennis Anyone Water Tower Challenge Arduino Blink Challenge  
Can You Copperplate Conveyor Engineering Fun With Speedboats  
Life Vest Challenge Planting With Precision Radio Reception and Transmission  
Rocket Water Launch Planting With Precision The Power of Graphene  
Try Your Hand at Nano